Project Management

No matter how big or small, Spalla will make your project a success story. We help you define the project needs and manage delivery with our team of experts.

Project Planning

Each project is unique in its own way, hence, there is no single way to efficiently manage a project. At Spalla, we help our Clients to determine and apply the most appropriate methodology based on their project needs. On top, we help our clients come up with Project implementation plans that considers stakeholders needs and expectations, schedules, budgets, risks and quality standards.

Developing Project Teams

The infrastructure sector is a sector that requires high performance while often having to overcome institutional and organizational challenges. While concerned with the actual construction, projects owners and implementors have had to go through the rigorous process of:

  • Acquiring and managing the right team required for the project success
  • Obtaining the resources that the team members will need to carry out the work
  • Developing the team member’s individual and shared competencies
  • Creating a healthy teaming environment
  • Tracking the performance of the team, resolving issues and managing arising changes.

We provide advisory services to help our clients develop their people, skills and organizations, putting them in the best position to deliver their projects and programs efficiently.

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Stakeholder engagement and management is a very important aspect in Project development. Projects can be implemented efficiently if the stakeholders are project ambassadors. On the other hand, Projects can easily be disrupted if they is a disconnect with the stakeholders or an unrest within the community that the Project is being developed. We understand how to engage and manage stakeholders; hence, we help our Clients:

  • Identify Project stakeholders
  • Analyze stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Design and implement stakeholder engagement plans
  • Build trust and influence stakeholders to accomplish project goals

Risk Management

We help our Clients deliver successful projects by identifying, assessing and managing sources of project uncertainty through a customized methodology of risk management. Additionally, we help our Clients identify and analyze threats, opportunities and planning for their response thus increasing their confidence and putting them at the forefront in efficient project implementation.

Schedule Management

We help our clients identify risks, constraints, and delays that may affect the project time and cost. We do this by using advanced tools to  schedule the tasks at project initiation, continuously analyzing the tasks, issues, risks, budgets and opportunities while keeping our Clients informed on the course of action.

A project owner or implementor with a well-planned schedule is able to easily determine design needs, statutory needs, procurement needs, construction needs, and the required labor.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We offer quality management services that gives our clients the surety that their projects are being undertaken within the right quality standards, time and cost. We have specialized Inspectors of Works  that check to ensure the required standards are met at each stage of construction.

We help our clients with quality assurance and control preparations and checks at all the stages of construction as listed below.


During this phase, we contextualize the Clients requirements and help them outline the statutory requirements. This will inform what will be issued to or required of the Contractor before the Contractor is given the right to access the site.

During Construction

During this phase, we deploy our Inspectors of Works to check conformity of all works to the quality assurance and control plans. Before any construction, our Inspectors check to ensure the Contractor has the necessary materials, workmen, tools and equipment to carry out the works. This is further approved and signed off by our Resident Engineer/ Consultant tied to the project.

Post Construction

During this phase, we inspect the quality of work constructed, and if there are any defects, we ensure they are remedied before the works are handed over to the Client.

We also ensure all the required documentation are issued to the Client for effective running of the constructed works.

Environmental, Health, Safety and Social Safeguards Management

We help our Clients monitor the environmental and social safeguards performance of their projects. This is to ensure conformity and compliance with social, safety and environmental laws and regulations. In particular, we help our Clients with:

  • Road Safety and traffic management
  • Safety training for workmen
  • Waste management
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Identification and mitigation of social risks linked with planning, design and implementation of the project
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Monitoring implementation of Contractors’ Environmental and Social Management Plans
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assesments.

Cost Management

We help our Clients estimate and manage the costs of developing a project. These costs include labor, facilities, materials, services, equipment and indirect costs. These estimates give our Clients a basis for making sound decisions about projects, and they establish baselines against which to measure the progress and success of their projects.

Claims Management

We offer our Clients strategic advice that is focused on facts and evidences that can enable them make a successful claim. We conduct contract appraisals and give specific claim objectives that can be achieved.